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One of Detroits best"Techno drivers 2023"

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

The year was 1998. Metroplex released “Techno drivers “ It became one Erik Travis best known songs. It became one of the hottest tracks delivering a new rich flavor to the label.There hasn’t been any remixes since. Now a new version of the track has emerged called “Techno drivers 2023” the extended track is 5:25, the original release is 3:56.

After many requests for a remix Erik delivers a new upgraded version. This would not be found on metroplex. It will be distributed by Othofact Records.(born and growing in Detroit).

The record also includes the original instrumental, and 2 other new tracks, It will be released on Othofact Records. to listen (click the image to go to the New on vinyl page)

Erik Travis Techno drivers record label

ET028release #technodrivers2023

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